My Fees are £6per hour

Fees are due on the 1st of the month, in advance, unless otherwise agreed


All food is included in the fees for full time children ( 8hrs per day)  otherwise the following fees apply

Dinner is charged at £2 per meal

Lunch is 50p

Breakfast 50p

Snacks are included

8.00- 8-15 Breakfast is served ( I cannot provide breakfast after this time as we start to get ready to leave for the school run and it wouldn’t be fair on the children to make them feel rushed)

10 am Morning snack

12.00 Lunch

2pm Afternoon snack

4.30 Evening meal

Milk and water is ALWAYS available.

Outings are charged for but are discussed prior to participation

Administration fees- There is an initial £10 start up fee for paperwork.

If there are any changes of address or hours a £5 amendment charge is made if a new contract has to be written up.

Term time only contracts-  If a contract is for term time only a half fee charge will be required during school holidays to hold the place open.

Holidays - If you take a holiday during contracted days and times full fees are charged. I take 20 days holiday a year ( these dates are given out in January for that year) and I charge full fees for my holidays, these 20 days do not include bank holidays or public holidays which are charged at full fees although no service is available.

Late payment fee- Fees are due on the 1st of each month, if funds are not cleared by the 3rd day a £5 charge per day will be incurred.

Other fees – Duplication of receipts, fee breakdowns or any other paperwork will incur a £5 charge per item.


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