Hygiene Policy

Updated due to covid-19

All children are to wash their hands on arrival at the setting, after the toilet, before and AFTER eating and after playing with activities during the day. Their hand towels will be fresh in the morning and changed at daily, hand sanitiser will be used when hand washing facilities are unavailable.

It is very important to prevent the spread of germs and illnesses that hygiene procedures are in place and strictly adhered to.

Children are encouraged to wash their hands after going to the toilet, touching animals and playing outside. They must also wash their hands before eating any meals or snacks. Each child will have their own hand towel to prevent the spread of germs.

I will assist the children in hand washing, ensuring that they are washing and drying them correctly.

I am happy to help children to clean their teeth after meals if you provide me with a toothbrush and paste.

I will assist children with wiping their noses when they have colds and try to teach them how to blow their noses. I will explain to them the importance of safely throwing away dirty tissues to prevent the spread of germs. I will also encourage them to cough/ sneeze into the crease of their elbow to minimise the spread of germs as coughing/sneezing into the hand merely moves the germs onto the next surface touched.

I will not mind a child who has had an upset stomach in the last 48hours. (see sickness policy)

I will disinfect my changing mat between children.

All spillages or incidents that involve bodily fluids will be cleaned up with gloved hands, disposed of in an outside bin that is inaccessible to the children, this is to protect myself and the children against the spread of infections.

I will follow strict hygiene routines in my kitchen, ensuring my fridge is at the correct temperature and that food is stored correctly in it.

In order for me to carry out these procedures effectively I will need you to provide me with enough resources, for example nappies, labelled cream, spare clothes for the children etc. I also request that you let me know if your child is feeling or has been unwell.


Reviewed 04/04/2022 by Heidi Sharp


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