Sick Child Policy

I appreciate that as a working parent you need to be able to go to work, however if your child is unwell then they will be better cared for in their own home with a parent. I am happy to care for children with minor coughs and colds but will not care for children who are very unwell, infectious or running a high temperature  (37.8 or above and I will call and ask you to collect your child). I have to go out each day to do school and pre-school runs and need to consider the welfare of all the children in my care.

Please be aware that I exclude for hand, foot and mouth until blisters are dried up. Nits until treatment is given and conjuctivitus until treatment has started.

If your child has had diarrhoea or sickness in the last 48 hours please do not bring them, but call and let me know.

If your child becomes ill whilst in my care, I will make them as comfortable as possible, isolate them from the other children if necessary and reassure them. I will contact you immediately and continue to care for your child until you arrive.

I am happy to administer medication-please see my Medicine policy.

I will contact you if one of my own children is not well, inform you of the illness/symptoms and if I am able to work. This then allows you to make an informed decision as to whether to bring your child or not.

If you have any concerns regarding this policy please contact me.


Reviewed 7/7/2020 by Heidi Sharp



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