Excellent childcare

We have used Heidi as our childminder for 8 years for our two children with a mixture of full-time care and before and after school care.

We have always been confident that Heidi has provided a safe and secure environment for our children within her house and then they are out and about with her. Heidi offers a range of activites which are always well thought through, meaningful and she always considers their suitability for the range of ages she is looking after. Summer holiday activities were planned well in advance. New children are always welcomed into the setting with real care and Heidi involves all the children in helping new children to settle. The kids are all encouraged to treat each other with respect and take responsibility for their actions.

Heidi is committed to developing herself and she really takes care to reflect her learning back into her childcare. She communicates really well with the children and does a regular newlestter for parents to inform them about what training she has done and any changes to her service. She welcomes feedback as well.

When our son was at pre-school, she formed a very good working relationship with his key worker and they had a shared communication book and his development was mapped at pre-schools and by Heidi. She has also been great at assisting with personal development goals such as potty training.

The food is always good and one thing our kids have really liked is the ‘family’ mealtimes with everyone eating round the table together.

I don’t know what we would have done with out Heidi.

By Judith Webster on 31/08/2016


A credit to her Profession

As with most first time parents, we were initially apprehensive about handing over our first child to a child minder but Heidi made the transition as smooth as possible. She is fantastic with the kids, goes to great lengths to plan interesting and educational activities and her home is a safe environment for our son to play in.  The food that Heidi cooks the children is of a very high standard (her husband is a former chef!) and much thought goes into the nutrition that the children receive. Our son is incredibly happy there, always looks forwards to his time spent at Heidi’s and always comes back home with a smile on his face.

Heidi makes a great emphasis on the development of the children (especially if they are young) and even writes a progress report every six months for the parents to read.  She takes her job incredibly seriously and has such enthusiasm for the provision and development of our son.  She truly is a credit to her profession and I have no hesitation in recommending her services to other parents.

By Daniel Wright on 26/08/2015


“Heidi and Marcus provided excellent childcare for my children, Charlie and Sophie. Its always a worry leaving your children in somebody elses care but I needn’t have worried, Charlie and Sophie felt a part of the family! They always came home with smiles on their faces and in the holidays were kept busy with various activities. Heidi and Marcus are a rarity, they really do care about how each individual child feels and what their different needs are.”
Elisabeth Wood.


Having moved from Oxfordshire to Essex, I was in need of a friendly and secure place for my son, to help with his transitional period into a new school, let  alone a period of adjustment with a new place to live!

Heidi and her family were the blessing I needed! I am 100% certain had it not been for her kindness and support, Tom would have struggled to settle in. But he adapted and settled in to his new school, new routine like he had always been there.

Heidi and Marcus are so dedicated to childminding you can guarantee your child will be made to feel part of their family.

They are professional and knowledgeable but with that extra family and love touch I have never experienced before.

An absolute credit to child minding and I cannot recommend them more highly.



When the time arrived for me to return to work my daughter was 9 months old and we made the decision that rather than her go to a nursery we wanted her to have more one to one care with a childminder.

 I cannot speak highly enough of Heidi. She was our childminder for eighteen months.

Heidi provided the home from home that we were looking for.  My daughter settled in straight away, soon becoming like part of their fun, caring family.  My daughter was extremely happy there which made my return to work easier.

 Heidi played a vital role in my daughters early years.  I am convinced that my daughter owes much of her positive development to Heidi.  She has a loving, fun, but firm approach and always worked with me and my husband to enforce the values that we believed in while being confident enough to make the right day to day decisions for my daughter whilst in her care.

Every day was an adventure with Heidi. When I would come home from work, my daughter told me stories of being taken to the park, the beach, for a picnic and many other activities.   Heidi was always sure to make each trip a fun learning experience.

I cannot thank Heidi enough for all she did for our family, although we have moved away my daughter always speaks fondly of Heidi and I know that we have made a great friend for life.


Laura Attoe

When the time came for my Wife to return to work after the birth of our Daughter Molly, an important decision had to be made with regards to her care & tuition, during her formative years, leaving her with a good social understanding, without constraining her outgoing personality to enable an easy transition in to her early years of schooling.

Due to locality we visited Heidi & straight away knew this was a home from home for Molly and based on her instantly striking up an excellent relationship with Heidi, her family & the other children present, this is what we were looking for and there was no going back for us & a hard decision was made easy, leaving my Wife & I more than happy to go about our daily responsibilities, assured in the knowledge that she was in good hands.

Little did we know how integral a part Heidi & her family would play in Molly’s formative years, something we will be eternally grateful for as our daughter has grown now to be a little lady, at times, who demonstrates excellent levels of sociability & brilliant communication skills, leading most people to believe she is older than five years old & as my partner and I wished has allowed her to transfer into the early years of education easily, without any fuss or fear, to continue the growth of learning instilled by Heidi from an early age.

Whenever I collected Molly from Heidi’s house I was informed of the adventures they had encountered, the refreshing walks to the seaside, Leigh Cliff’s, Hadleigh Castle or local library, all of which left Molly happy as could be & at times reluctant to leave, not least until she had devoured the lovely dinners & feasts all the children experienced whilst sitting up to the dinner table like a family should, as was the best way to describe the environment which was apparent on every visit.

Heidi is Boisterous, lively & so committed to the children in her care, so much so that Molly still refers to her in affection tones, still calling her Aunty Heidi.

Even though we moved away from the area, Heidi has remained a good friend to our family & still actively takes an interest in Molly’s progress, something we wish to continue as a reminder of the good times experienced by our daughter & the part Heidi played in her most important formative years.

Martyn Attoe

Feedback on my termly reports.

These reports are fantasic! So nice to read and see the great work you guys do and gives me ideas for things we can do!

Steven Ekins


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